• Mindset is mental strength that is on inner resilience and a self-affirming outlook on life. It shapes your world view and your approach to decision making and level of resilience.

  • A positive mindset is the foundation for positive thinking and the mental strength to self-regulate, move forward with goals, and accept change as part of life. 

  • A positive mindset cultivates a positive recovery-oriented path and approach to sustaining recovery practices and directly addressing potential relapse challenges or triggers.

  • Prepare your recovery mindset for ups and downs by focusing on you. 

Engage in Personal Growth Activities

  • Engage in positive personal growth activities such as: positive affirmations and mindfulness practices, counseling, and self-reflection exercises to gain self-awareness and establish a roadmap to recovery practices, personal growth, and self-control.
  • Avoid negative perspectives that undermine recovery practices and dysregulation of emotions thereby promoting less favorable behaviors.
  • Make connections with individuals that support your personal growth, respect your optimal outcome and recovery path (those with a positive attitude and ability to provide constructive criticism and honest feedback).
  • Engage in developing a deeper understanding of your own ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, abilities and physical and mental health to inform your overall worldview and mindset perspectives.