Resources Overview

This website collects selected resources in the following areas:

  • Addictions Workforce Development -- To support addictions workforce development for individuals, organizations and systems
  • Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery -- To support:
    • Skill development for individuals and organizations providing prevention, treatment and recovery services
    • People experiencing addiction, their families, and their friends
  • Advocacy -- To provide a voice for the addiction workforce, people experiencing addiction, their families, and their friends 
  • Training -- In-person and online trainings, printed training materials/references in a wide variety of topics relevant for the addictions workforce.
  • Population-Specific -- To support culturally and linguistically responsive care and equitable access to services and outcomes
  • Professional and Para-professional Organizations -- Community, advocacy and training information; professional development opportunities
  • Publications - Journals, papers, studies, issue briefs and other publications related to workforce development for the substance use and addictions workforce. 
  • Opioids - To support the addictions workforce involved with helping those affected by opioid addiction. 

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