Working with Pregnant and Parenting Women


This page provides resources for those working with pregnant and parenting women addressing substance use and addictions.

Information/ Resources

The Institute for Health and Recovery (IHR) Project Index page has resources and information including links to the Family Residential Intake and Pregnant Women's Access Line; the Moms Do Care Project; Project Promise; Trauma Integrated Services; and more.

Jewish Children and Family Services offers a Center for Early Relationship Support.

The Journey Recovery Project is an interactive Web resource for pregnant and parenting women who have questions or concerns about opioid and other substance use; treatment; child welfare involvement; and much more.

MCPAP for Moms promotes maternal and child health by supporting providers to effectively prevent, identify, and manage mental health and substance use concerns with pregnant and postpartum women and their children up to one year after delivery.

Mothering from the Inside Out is an evidence based intervention focused on the mother-infant dyad.

The Center for Social Innovation has a pregnancy and recovery page with webcasts on selected topics among other resources.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome/ Substance Exposed Newborns Information and Resources

The Institute of Health and Recovery has a landing page with information on Plans of Safe Care in addition to an interactive resource map.

Addressing Opioid Use Disorder to Improve Maternal and Infant Health is a webpage provided by the CDC.

NAS dashboard: an overview of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in MA.

Perinatal and Neonatal Quality Improvement Network.

Praxis Center for Social Innovation has webinars on MAT and NAS.

Professional Organizations

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - Massachusetts is part of District I.


Boston Association for Childbirth Education and Nursing Mothers’ Council has trainings to become a childbirth educator or an NMC counselor in addition to conferences, workshops, and trainings.

Parenting Journey offers facilitator trainings for parenting and caregiver groups as well as sober parenting and caregiver groups.

Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) Certification Training is offered through the Brazelton Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital, at Harvard Medical School.

Learn More

This article from Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly (April 11, 2016) reports on the beneficial practice of rooming-in for babies whose mothers were on Medication Assisted Treatment with opioid agonists. To lessen the severity of any neonatal abstinence syndrome that might develop, having the baby rooming in with the mother (where sounds and light can be dimmed, and baby can breastfeed and have skin-to-skin contact with the mother) provides better care than having the baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (where there are usually bright lights, loud sounds and less contact with the mother). The practice of rooming-in also greatly reduces (up to 50%) the amount of supplemental medication needed to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Babys mother is the best treatment for neonatal abstinence syndrome.pdf

Developed jointly by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and Department of Public Health (DPH) Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (BSAS). DCF and DPH work together to support pregnant women in recovery, who, as part of their addiction treatment, receive methadone or buprenorphine (the active ingredient in both Suboxone and Subutex), known as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).