Crozier House / Catholic Charities Worcester

Is there anyone else students could contact?

As shown

Who is involved? / How is the placement made? / What is the timeline?

The Clinical Supervisor and/or Program Director will set up an interview for such students interested in starting an internship here. If found to be appropriate in training for the role(s) within our level of care and treatment modality, the student would be given a schedule to begin this internship. This process takes only a week. Once accepted the internship will be spread out according to the hours and timeframe required by the college, universities, and programs to which students are enrolled with.

Are there any documents needed?

Yes, please supply a resume and if accepted our HR department will have students fill out any other necessary paperwork. The program to which students will be interning with must first attend a 42; CFR training and sign off on this training prior the start of their initial internship.

What other information do students need?

An orientation will be given to students prior to placement and before any contact with clients. This internship will provide students with the 12-core functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor by working under the supervision of the programs Clinical Supervisor and along-side the programs Counselors and Recovery Specialist throughout such internships.

Level of care

RRS-SUD/COC Recovery Home for Men

What is the location of your program?

Worcester, MA.

Number of people served

BSAS Licensed 30-bed program

Share any special features of your program.

Provides its clients with a mix of Clinical on-site services, Community Involvement, Family Re-unification, Self-Help Communities, and Daily Structure throughout a residents stay.

What kind of opportunities for training are offered?

Interns will train and develop the skills necessary to provide our clients with professionalism and accuracy with our programs Clinical and Direct Care Staff. Areas of training will include: Screening, Intake / Orientation, Record Keeping, Group Work, Assessment / Treatment Planning and Counseling.

Timing of an internship

Usually we receive Internship requests around December / January each year. We start them around February and keep them for six-months at roughly 10-20 hours a week depending on what hours and time frames are being requested.

How many CADC/LADC interns do you take?

We have had as many as four CADC / LADC eligible interns at one time, but prefer only two at a time due to the time spent on Supervision of interns. Yes, we as an agency also take interns for our various other programs throughout our agency as we have several other sites within Worcester County that include a new women's program for substance use and co-occurring "enhanced" disorders, a family shelter, food and clothing pantries, emergency assistance programs, developmentally disabled adults program, home care and a Senior Employment program.

Are there any paid internships?

Not to my knowledge.

Are there any other specific requirements?

There are dress codes for certain sites.

Name / Title: James Hooks; Clinical Supervisor or Scott Eaton Program Director


Phone: Main Office #: 508-860-2216