Governor Baker launches Stop Addiction Website and Releases Opioid Working Group Action Plan

"We are in the midst of an epidemic. We have acknowledged and attempted to mitigate the harms associated with opioids for a decade. Nevertheless, we are seeing alarming rates of opioid related overdoses and opioid related deaths. Over the past decade, more than 6,600 members of our community have died because of opioids, and behind those deaths are thousands of hospital stays, emergency department visits, and unquantifiable human suffering inflicted upon individuals, families and our communities."

In response to this epidemic, Governor Baker set up an Opioid Working Group in February, 2015. The Working Group came out with an Action Plan and list of Recommendations, which the Department of Public Health and other state agencies are in the process of responding to. The Governor also launched the Stop Addiction in its Tracks website, which has resources and information for anyone interested in learning more about opioid addiction and how to address it.

In addition to the information provided in the Stop Addiction website, Action Plan, and Recommendations, other opioid related resources are available on the following Bureau of Substance Abuse/DPH web pages:

For anyone who lives in Massachusetts and wants to learn more and get support in dealing with a loved one's addiction or unhealthy substance use, the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services has purchased a statewide subscription to Allies in Recovery, a website and online community that works to "end substance abuse in families by providing a way for the family to change the conversation about addiction."