SCALE (Scaling Capacity and Leveraging Employers) Planning Grants

The SCALE Planning Grant provides an opportunity to operationalize partnerships who will apply for larger implementation grants to solve bigger problems by de-risking the time required by businesses and stakeholder partners to determine and apply for implementation funding. SCALE encourages and requires direct engagement from the business community to solve their training, education and talent needs at a high volume.  The goal of the planning period is to produce an application for an ARPA funded workforce program.

Grants requesting funds over $20,000 must demonstrate inclusion of a consortium or significant scaling over the next thee years. Match: 30% of total awarded funds; can be in-kind.

To apply: click "Learn More and Apply" below, search for "SCALE," click "Learn More" to find details. Rolling Application: Monthly Deadline of 14th of Month.

Eligible Lead Applicants:

  • Community-based organizations, including adult basic education providers
  • Employers with operations in Massachusetts and that employ Massachusetts residents in the proposed target occupation
  • Employer associations
  • Higher education institutions
  • Labor organizations
  • Local workforce development entities
  • Local workforce boards
  • Nonprofit education, training or other service providers
  • One-stop career centers
  • Vocational education institutions