Recovery Coach Supervisors Day 3

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Recovery Coach Supervisors

To complete the required homework for this training, there is an expectation that you will have access to your organizations policies, procedures and programs, as well as Recovery Coaches for observation and documentation purposes.  This will be essential to receive your certificate of completion at the end of the 3 days.

In recent years, the emphasis on building Recovery Oriented Systems of Care has led to profound changes in health care policies and criminal justice programs. The current opioid crisis and a greater awareness of the value of peer support has heightened a growing call for recovery coaches in a variety of settings. Peers are being hired to work in systems that may not yet have developed their own culture, commitment, and capacity to fully integrate peer recovery coaches.

The supervisor of Recovery Coaches serves in a pivotal position to provide thoughtful, intentional support to ensure the well-being of those seeking recovery while at the same time, support the integration of recovery principles and values within the organization. The Supervisors of Recovery Coaches training has been developed by the MA Bureau of Substance Abuse Services to help meet this need.  This training is a non-clinical model developed by people in recovery, recovery coaches, and people with supervisory experience, some with a clinical background. 

This training is not intended to train participants to be supervisors.  Participants are expected to already be supervisors or have supervisory skills training separate from this training.  Supervisors with clinical supervision background will receive necessary knowledge and skills needed to support the non-clinical role of recovery coaches.  It will provide a better understanding of the principles of recovery and the unique value of peer support.

This training is presented as a learning cycle consisting of three in person full day trainings, 2 in one week and then the third day 4 -6 weeks later. One small group coaching session will be offered between Days 2 & 3. Those who complete all three face-to-face training days will be invited to participate in two (2) Recovery Coach Learning Collaborative Webinars. Each one-hour engagement encourages further development of resources, boundary management tools and perspectives, as well as provides an opportunity to strengthen your Recovery Coach supervision skills and build your professional network.  The intention is to create a supportive learning community of supervisors of peer recovery support services.

Completion of this training fulfills BSAS requirement for Recovery Coach Supervisors. 

​Upon completion of this learning cycle, the participants will (be able to):

  • Create a safe and conducive learning environment for supervisees.
  • Appreciate recovery as an individual process; articulate Recovery Coach roles, lanes, expectations, skills & art in support of recoveree.
  • Explore primary roles & functions (including legal & administrative expectations) of Recovery Coach Supervisors in a variety of settings.
  • List core competencies of effective Recovery Coach supervision.
  • Describe Models of supervision with a focus on applying an adaptive model to the supervision of Recovery Coaches.
  • Develop boundary & management skills to effectively negotiate the balance between employee supervision & organizational accountability.
  • Apply ethical considerations of Recovery Coaches to supervisory situations.
  • Assess personal capacity for leader, mentor and administrator roles & explore opportunities for continuous development of skill sets.
  • Review function & value of Recovery Wellness Plan and its implementation.
  • Practice new skills in role play and real time scenarios.


Thulani DeMarsay and Kate Duffy
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Monday, December 18, 2017 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
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In Person
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Recovery Coach Training
Recovery Coach Supervisors
Congregation Lion of Judah
68 Northampton St,
Boston, MA 02118
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Marion Clark-Jalbert
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