Addiction and Recovery 101 for Recovery Coaches and other Peer Workers 8/26/22

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Addictions & Recovery 101 – A Recovery & Wellness Framework offers participants an introduction to the medical model of addiction, including the effects of addiction on the body and brain, as well as basic pharmacology and treatment. Designed for the Recovery Coach professional, this workshop honors the power of personal recovery and self-definition. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants are challenged to consider their own definition(s), experiences, biases and assumptions of addiction. This 1-day workshop includes the following:

  • A review of addiction models - medical community, etc.
  • Exploration/articulation of drug abuse vs. drug addiction and the human brain
  • Facilitated exercises for understanding interventions, treatment & recovery
Training date(s): -
Type: Standalone
Attendance mode: Online
Trainer(s): Mark Muhammad & Kim Krawczyk
Sponsored by BSAS

United States