Reproductive Justice and Social Work – An Intersectional, Social Justice Approach for Social Change

Description: Reproductive Justice is much more complex than the pro-choice movement alone. In this workshop, we’d explore a wide range of reproductive justice issues and explore how they intersect and impact clients and communities.

These Issues include:

  • Health disparities for marginalized populations including the Black Maternal Health Crisis.
  • The right to have or not have children (abortion, birth control, healthcare).
  • The right to parent children in safe communities (gun control, clean air, clean water).
  • Access to reproductive healthcare for all including incarcerated people, low income people, rural people, LGBTQ and gender expansive people.
  • Sex education for all including people with intellectual disabilities.
  • A country free of Environmental Racism.
  • Freedom from Gender-Based Violence.

Participants will work in dyads, small and larger groups and the workshop would include videos, small group experiences and individual self-awareness exercises.

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Jordan Fox-Kemper
Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 9:30am to 12:30pm
Attendance Mode: 
In Person
Boston University School of Social Work
264 Bay State Rd
Boston, MA 02215
Sponsored by BSAS: 
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Boston University School of Social Work