Confidentiality, Boundaries & Client Consent in the age of Technology


This training is intended for treatment providers who have a basic understanding of addiction counseling and confidentiality regulations. During this 6-hour training, there will be didactic lectures, PowerPoint slides, open discussions and two small-group activities.

This training will include a review of codes of ethics, HIPAA, 42 CFR part 2, including a review of the recent changes, and the overlap and impact on each other. We will discuss ethics as a risk management issue, including boundary violations, and dual relationships and the challenges social media presents to boundaries. It will utilize an ethical decision making model; explore technology driven ethical issues; and describe specific techniques to stay ethical when utilizing various technology applications.

Upon completion of this course, participants will (be able to):

  • Understand responsibility of addiction and counseling professionals (as clinicians, clinical supervisors, or program administrators) to protect the confidentiality of their clients.
  • Learn specific techniques to protect their own privacy.
  • Recognize the importance of establishing policies that secure professional boundaries with clients, co-workers and supervisees.
  • Discover policies that their program or practice can implement to maintain confidentiality and protect employees.
  • Identify ways in which technology presents unique challenges in practice and learn safeguards when using technology to protect client confidentiality
Susan Polyot, M.Ed., LADC, CCS, CEAP
Event Date: 
Monday, March 18, 2019 - 8:30am to 4:30pm
Attendance Mode: 
In Person
Ethics and Boundaries
The Delaney House
3 Country Club Rd
Holyoke, MA 01040
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Contact Information
Gina Colon
AdCare Educational Institute, Inc.
Training Coordinator