A New Home for Job Postings!

We have launched a LinkedIn group associated with this website, called Careers of Substance. Providers across the Commonwealth (and New England) are invited to post related positions (substance use-related prevention, intervention and treatment positions, addictions and recovery support positions, and any positions in related fields that deal with any aspect of substance use and addictions work), and job seekers can join the group to get regular emails whenever new jobs are posted.

If you are a provider looking for a venue to post your positions for free, here is how to submit your posting:

  1. Log in to LinkedIn (join for free if your organization doesn’t have an account already)
  2. Hover over Interests in the top line
  3. Choose Groups
  4. Search for Careers of Substance
  5. Join the Careers of Substance Group. It is an open group so anyone can join or view it.
  6. Click on Start a Discussion and describe the open job; include a link to the job listing, as well as your organization’s website.
  7. Choose “Jobs” as the Discussion Type, then press Share.
  8. A moderator will approve your posting shortly thereafter.

When the job has been filled, please remove the posting.