NNLM New England Webinar Series, Part 3 - Treating Opioid Use Disorder and Co-occurring Disorders

Treating Opioid Use Disorder and Co-occurring Disorders is the third in the Substance Use Disorder Webinar Series, presented by the National Network of Library of Medicine New England Region.

Harm reduction is a public health strategy that was developed initially for adults with substance use disorder for whom abstinence was not feasible. Harm reduction approaches have been effective in reducing morbidity and mortality in some adult populations.

Learn the specifics of what the term "harm reduction" means as it is applied in various settings. When a treatment plan is considered for a patient, it is important to understand if other medical conditions also exist in addition to the substance use disorder. How do comorbid conditions affect treatment for substance use disorder? Understand why a "one size fits all" treatment strategy may not be successful.