Clinical Supervisor

72 Kilburn Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

SEMCOA, Inc. an affiliate of High Point Treatment Center currently has openings for clinical supervisors in its level 3.1 Residential Recovery Homes, Harmony House and New Chapters.

Clinical supervisor is a separate position with a distinct role and associated responsibilities. Clinical supervisors must have completed a master's degree in one of the following disciplines or a closely related field: clinical psychology, education-counseling, medicine, psychology, psychiatric nursing, rehabilitative counseling, social work, and have experience in substance abuse and mental health services; OR possess a LADC1.

Clinical supervisors will provide individual and group supervision to counselors, case managers, recovery specialists, overnight awake staff, and interns while supporting these staff developing skills in responding to complex issues such as co-occurring disorders and trauma. Supervisors may conduct assessment and provide individual and group services to residents requiring additional support as a result of co-occurring disorders/trauma.

A more detailed job description will be sent upon request.

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John Wheeler
High Point Hospital & Affiliated Organizations


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