Opiates and Opioids

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Office-Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) website

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Boston Medical Center’s Office Based Addiction Treatment (OBAT) Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) website offers a number of services. Visitors can learn about the OBAT Nurse Care Manager Model developed at Boston Medical Center (BMC), access free resources, and find out about the training and technical assistance offered by OBAT TTA to health care and social services providers looking to enhance their capacity to work with individuals with substance use disorders.

Maternal Opioid Use During Pregnancy Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance in regards to the medical, psychological, and social needs of pregnant women with opioid use disorders, thereby improving maternal and newborn health outcomes. It has been developed to help maternal health providers advance the clinical interventions by offering screening, treatment engagement and coordinated care throughout the pregnancy and post-delivery.

Harvard Med School Global Academy Opioid Use Disorder Education Program

The Opioid Use Disorder Education Program (OUDEP) is an accredited, free, online medical education program for the identification and management of opioid disorder. This program is designed for nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians and other healthcare professionals collaborating to treat patients with substance use disorder.

C4 Innovations (formerly Center for Social Innovation/t3) self-paced online trainings


We offer live and self-paced online courses through cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology that engages learners in conversation with one another and expert instructors. Our live, instructor-led courses delve deeply into specific evidence-based and promising practices. We also offer flexible, self-paced online units and short video tutorials designed for learning on your schedule at home or in the office.