Recovery Coach Learning Community

This Workspace is an online Learning Community for Recovery Coaches in MA to come for information and support from your peers and ATR staff. Membership is open to people who have completed recovery coach training.

Moderator Announcements:

This is an on-line forum for RECOVERY COACHES.

Membership is limited to people who have completed recovery coach training.

This on-line community is part of the Access to Recovery Coach Pilot's Learning Community.

The Massachusetts ATR Recovery Coach Learning Community is a group of people who share common emotions, values or beliefs, and are actively engaged in learning together and from each other.

Our goal is to create a supportive network of competent recovery coaches.

The Learning Community meets monthly via webinar.  The group is self directed and facilated by two CCAR certified trainers but the conversation is owned by the group.  The topics of our discussions emerge from the work, the succeess and challenges of the recovery coaches.  Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas and to offer and recieve support. 

If you would like more information about the Recovery Coach Learning Community, please contact Julia Ojeda at or 617-624-5147.